Advocacy for Oromia

Release 006                                                     22-05-2010

Neglecting the Suffering of Refugees is like Collaborating with Oppressors

According to a research done by Advocacy for Oromia (AFO), an organization that is dedicated to protect the rights, explore, promote, and disseminate issues related to the Oromo people and Oromia, the suffering and horrific conditions of Oromo refugees in countries neighboring Ethiopia and elsewhere is intensifying and their condition is deteriorating. The evidence we gathered from various sources corroborate that several refugees from Sudan, Kenya, Punt land (Somalia), and Yemen have been living under continuous threat and finally deported to Ethiopia, to the same repressive TPLF led Ethiopian regime they escaped from. Few details of the reports of the conditions of Oromo refugees AFO received in the last few days are as follows:

For more details, Press Release of AFO