(Oromedia, Melbourne, September 9/8/2010) The 2010 Irreechaa Holiday Organizing Committee in Melbourne   announces the weeks of  public Awareness Meeting with Oromummaa and Religion Wisdom.

According to Oromedia reporter, the committee  scheduled  the three weeks  planning for 2010 Irreechaa Holiday from 19 September – 3 October 2010   on the theme of Walooma Oromummaa – Oromummaa Harmony .

Irreechaa 2009 @ Footscray, MelbourneThe main aim of the meeting is to create public awareness discussion where Oromo cultural and religious elders will Oromummaa related issues with a view to provide a better understanding of Oromo culture and history, to pave the way for promotion of the Oromo culture, history and lifestyle and to celebrate Irreechaa, a festival that takes place during the months of September and October, in Australia. The actual Irreechaa ceremony also honors elders blessing and wisdom, preserves Irreechaa heritages and assesses the progress of Oromummaa.

For almost 6404 years, Oromo families have gathered to take part in the largest thanks-giving ceremony of the Gadaa calendar. Friends, old and new, parents and children join together in a celebration on the theme of walooma Uumaa-uumamaa (Creator-creatures harmony).

The media awareness, the meeting and the 2010 Irreechaa ceremony are co-organized for the future advancement and harmony of Oromo Culture and History. Hence, the organizers would like you to mark these meeting and holiday events in your scheme agenda and start identifying your appropriate means to attend the events.

Hereunder the foreseen agenda:

Date: 19 September 2010 (Sunday)

Media release will be given on the 3ZZZ community radio from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.

Date: 26 September 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 3pm to 7pm
Venue: 5 Osborne Avenue, Community Neighborhood House, Springvale, Melbourne

03:00         Welcome

03:15          Elders’ Blessing

03:30         Oromummaa versus Islam

04:15         Oromummaa versus Christianity

05:00          Break

05:15         Oromummaa versus Waaqeffannaa

06:00         Oromummaa and Irreechaa

06:30         Comments and Opinions

07:00         Conclusion

Date: 03 October 2010 (Sunday)
Time:     11am to 4pm.
Venue:    Footscray Park,

Hereunder the foreseen agenda:

11:00       Welcome

11:30         Elders’ Blessing

12:00         Irreeffannaa orientation

01:00         Irreechaa Ceremony

02:00          Eenyummaa, Aadaa and Irreechaa Teachings

02:30          Dhangaa

03:30         Sirbaa fi weedduu

04:00          Conclusion

We proudly invite you to participate on this annual event and it will be definitely a good opportunity for promoting the Oromo culture and history, for building a stronger relationship and for creating consensus among the Oromo community. Come and promote a diverse and multicultural environment in Australia. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information. We look forward to seeing you there!!


The Organizing Committee for 2010 Irreechaa Celebration, Melbourne, Australia

E-mail: qunnamtii@gmail.com