(OLF News, Finfinnee, November 25, 2010) The heroic Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) freedom fighters operating in Eastern Oromia have killed 37 TPLF led Ethiopian troops, which includes two commanders, and wounded more than 45 others on its attack on November 19, 2010 in Western Harargee, Bookee Xiqqoo county [woreda], near a place known as Huubee,OLA Eastern command revealed.

According to OLF News reporter, the names of the two Woyane/TPLF commanders killed in the engagement are Shaleqa Asefa and Shambel Mulugeta. It is known in Ethiopian army ranks that “Shaleqa” [Commander of a thousand]” is used to mean a commander of a Battalion and “Shambel [Commander of 250]” is used to mean a Capitain.

In this operation OLA has confiscated different military equipments and made the property of the Oromo liberation struggle led by OLF.

After facing the sudden and coordinated attack by OLA, the invading enemy troops escaped in all directions in disarray and returned to where they were initially dispatched from. The intent of the TPLF troops was to retaliate our freedom fighters which sustained a heavy casualty on them on an earlier attack of November 10 – 17, 2010. The OLA Eastern command praised the support and cooperation of the local Oromo population which contributed immensely to the success of the current and earlier victory.

Meanwhile, a Tigrean intelligence head and a government representative of Calanqoo town, Eastern Harargee, whose name is Haile Gebre, was killed by a special force on November 20, 2010. It is also to be recalled that, a commander of an Ethiopian Federal government “special force”, named Tesfaye Megersa, who was notorious for harassing the local Oromo population was killed by our special force unit in Dadar town on November 06, 2010. OLA Eastern command noted that, “under the circumstances that the Woyane regime continued inhumanly and unlawfully harassing, terrorizing, and killing our innocent Oromo civilians due to a fabricated allegation of supporting OLA, the Oromo Liberation Army has no choice other than protecting our people by eliminating such evil individuals from the society”.

As a result of these actions by our special force unit, it is known that the towns of Dadar, Calanqoo, Qullubbii and surrounding areas have been put under night time curfew.

It is to be recalled that OLF News has reported on November 21, 2010 that OLA has killed 53 and wounded 38 others in Eastern and Southern Oromia and on October 21, 2010 that OLA Eastern command has made 37 enemy troops out of action in Eastern Hararge, in three different villages of Bookee Xiqqoo county.

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