(Oromedia, Oromia, 24 February 2012)  Like most Oromo people living in Ethiopia, Marama was forced to leave to save his life. What makes his story unique is that once he reached the safety of Australia after spending years in a refugee camp, Marama does everything he can to help his people still suffering in Africa.

Through community run organisations such the Oromia Support Group (OSG) and the Oromo Relief Associatio (ORA), Marama tirelessly campaigns to raise awareness about the plight of Oromo people, works to get Oromo people out of refugee camps to countries like Australia and helps to settle into their new lives once they arrive.

His own story is at the core of his motivation, as he understands better than most what it takes to survive. Storyteller: Marama Kufi

Source: http://chub.realitylearning.org/survival-stories