The Heinous murder of a young Oromo woman from Ethiopian in Beirut, Lebanon

March 18, 2012 (Oromo Liberation Front) – Early this week, Miss Alem Dachaasaa, a young Oromo woman from Ethiopia, was dragged and beaten-up in public view on the street of Beirut, Lebanon in front of the Ethiopian Consulate. The same day, the young woman was brutally murdered by her victimizer(s).

Miss Dachaasaa was only one of the thousands young women from Ethiopia trafficked by agents of the Tigrayan ruling cabal by air and sea to the Middle East. This venture generates millions of Dollars for the regime through forceful taxation. Individual Tigrayan factions gain millions through bribes from their victims. Hence, the regime in Ethiopia bears full responsibility for the monstrous murder of Miss Dachaasaa and the suffering of thousands of others.

We express our outrage over the murder of Miss Dachaasaa and express our condolences to her family. We demand the government of Lebanon to immediately bring the individuals who murdered Miss Dachaasaa to justice.
Victory to the Oromo People!

Department of Foreign Affairs
Oromo Liberation Front

March 16, 2012