(Oromedia, 1/06/2012) Baro Tumsa once said in order to capture state power the young Oromo should disseminate the spirit of Oromo nationalism.

Baro Tumsa who was one of the revolutionary students in the 1960s and  the founder of Oromo Libeartion  Front-OLF once said  “We Oromos must capture state power by any means necessary. In order to do this we must clandestinely organize all sectors of our society.”

“It is the responsibility of young educated Oromos, like you, to disseminate this spirit of Oromo nationalism when you return to your respective communities,'” added.

At this stage also, the voice of Baru still echoed in every corner of freedom struggle  of Oromia.

“We can only change the deplorable condition of our people by being tolerant to one another and reestablishing Oromo unity. In this way we can build strong organization, capture state power and take actions that facilitate fundamental social transformation”

Yes! Qeerroo, young Oromo generation,  should disseminate the spirit of Oromo nationalism