(Oromedia, 21 March 2014) Dr Negaso Gidada says if article 3.1.5 of the program of UDJ did not exist, he would not have joined UDJ.

Dr Negaso wrote a letter to Girma Kassa in very diplomatic, but sharp response.

“If one accepts and respects the right to self determination one can understand, respect and accept the constitution of Oromia including is article 33.

How can one serve the Oromo people if one does not know the Oromo language? Or should we go back to the old days when we were forced to be administrated, to appear in court and get sentenced in a language we did not understand, to be forced to learn in a foreign language, and to listen radio in a foreign language and read books and news papers and proclamations in a foreign language? No, No, that time is gone.

We should not even dream of it that it should come back. When I recently hear that some people in the Diaspora attacking the “Qube Generation” it makes me sick”

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