Ob  Jaarsoo Guyyoo, Gada Moji  of Oromo of the the Southern Oromia, Boranaa.
The Borana live in south Oromia, East Africa. They are ruled by the Gadaa system: every 8 years, the leader changes! You cannot miss a chief , as he wears a Kallachaa (the phallic thing you can see on the picture), a big stick called Horooroo and the whip , called Lichoo ,that is used on ..his wife! as he told us.

The first baby can be offered to the Abbaa Muudaa, the Spiritual Leader of Oromo, called Waaqeffataa as a sacrifice. This job is done by a shaman who lives in the forest. The Political leader of the Oromo called Abbaa Gadaa, changes every 8 years.

When a chief visits a village, he can sleep with others women: he just has to put the chief stick wood in front of the door and everybody knows he’s with a woman inside. It’s an honour for a Borana to know that his wife has been choosen.

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