Exposing misinformation

Rundassa Asheetee Hundee

When I heard the news that the OLF killed so many Oromos from many parts of Oromia, I almost believed it first.  Apparently, things are not always what they appear to be. Being unaware of the TPLF grand plan of cleaning up the Oromo from neighboring countries such as kenya, Somalia, Djibouti etc, I failed for the deceptive news.  But the truth was that the TPLF had the following grand plan for us.

1. Based on it’s plan of eliminating any potential opposition from Kenya, the TPLF hired agents inside the UNCHR, inside Kenyan police force, inside Kenya’s court and inside every government apparatus in Kenya. These TPLF agents main task is to deport any Oromo whom the TPLF embassy in Kenya wants to be deported. Diinaa Mufti is in-charge of this operation in Kenya while Dagifee Bulii is the head of the kidnapping task in Uganda.
2. Based on the plan of repatriating the Oromo refugees by bribing them with land and money, 400 Oromos have gone back to Oromia in recent months. Some 200 of these returnees are from Arsi region and the remaining majority are from Borana.  
3. The 134 individuals whom “The Ethiopia’s joint Counter Terrorism Unit of the national Intelligence and  Security Service and the Federal Police” wished to bring home by force with the help of the Kenyan government were approached by the Tigre killing agents but they refused the offer. Being frustrated by the determination of these Oromians, the Tigre agents resorted to force which end up in the kidnapping of Abba Liban Dabasa Guyyo and the arrest of his son in law, Shamil.  Shamil will appear in court today and then the kenyan judge will decide that Shamil needs to be deported to Ethiopia.  This has been the process by which Tasfahun Camada and others were deported and killed by the Tigre government of Ethiopia.
4. As part the extension of the same plan, the former Jijirama team now led by Licho Bukura and Kumsa, spreading misinformation about the OLF led by Dawud Ibsa.  Among such untrue stories told by these enemy agents led by man named Biqila, false news were produced about the death of 47 Oromos.  Additional false story tellers are named Bulii Badhaanee and ayantu and these individuals live in America and Ottawa, Canada.
5. In addition to Licho Bukura and Kumsa’s team, another group known as “Marsaa Junadin Saddo” also works hard to spread this fictional story. According to these false stories, men named Abdi Oromo, Gadaa, Gamada, Dr. Balay Bogala Fiixee, Said Ayano, Jamal Hajii and many others are killed by the OLF.  The truth however is that these men are alive and fighting the TPLF as we speak.  If there is any death at all, that may have taken place during the jijirama and Shanee group skirmish back in year 2007 or before that.
6. The TPLF has completed training whom it calls “the diaspora” and each of these trainees are returning back to western countries where they used to live before, and some of them have already started the misinformation task. One such spy lives in Norway and he often preaches in Pal-talk rooms so intensively about Licho Bukura’s spy who was recently injured in kenya. Meanwhile, there are also who use clan, religion and region to destroy the unity of the Oromo community, and Washington DC is a good place to start paying attention to.   
If TPLF’s deceptive plan succeeds, the results will be tragic. As we can see, we have been hit by what is called a sneaker wave of deception.  Such things have been taking place inside the OLF for a long time but it was covered up until the deceptive group inside the OLF itself decided to come out and declare that it never wanted to liberate Oromia. 
Now the liberation struggle camp is clear from deceptive enemy from within, we must continually be on guard and watch for those things that are deceptive and not what they appear to be. If we are not careful, the sneaker waves of misinformation can be as deadly as the poison that the TPLF feeds the Oromo prisoners at Qallitti and Qilinxoo prisons.

One of the sneaky ploys of the TPLF is to use an Oromo whose words and actions are unquestionable.
For example, no one have ever dreamed that a man named Irree Busiisoo would be such a deadly spy from within.  We have never thought that this man would work against Suufaa, and lead him to the Tigre prison for life!   We have never ever thought that this man would quietly gather 134 Oromos life story, addresses and telephone numbers and handed it to the TPLF killers but he did all of it. 
Similarly, who have ever suspected that obbo Leenco Lata would send 22 thousand Oromos to the TPLF prison and allow the death of thousands?  Who have ever thought that men and women who received green cards claiming that they were abused for being an Oromo, now turn their back on the Oromo liberation process?  Nevertheless, we’ve got so many weak men and women who live to satisfy their own worldly ways and selfish ambitions. So far, our unquestioning attitudes have blinded us, not because we were compelled to trust but because we believed that every Oromo hates slavery.

Now we have learned that our enemy deceive us by having us believe that begging our own resources such as land is something so precious. But we were the owners of that very land and it is going to remain our land no matter what.  One way or the other, time in which we have to question every word that one casually throws around has come. There is no question that the TPLF is using an Oromo to destroy another Oromo. Hence, if you here someone saying “nu ijoollee Shawaa” question this man’s feelings that prompts a sense of loyalist spirit in his mind. Remember! we are very rich nation with vast land mass and if we are left alone, we can live any where in Oromia. Personally, I wish to build home in Iluu Abbaa Booraa or in Jimmaa.

Another area of weakness that we need to improve is not to let ourselves be influenced by the deception of the enemy. The solution to Tigreans deception is very simple. Just think about the tragedy that came with falling for enticing sense you get from selling your own fellow Oromo.

Rundassa Asheetee
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