life in fragments


an idle mind is a sitting target

a poet said,

let us make fire kindling in the heart!

here when it is idle

it is no time to kill

no time to die out there!

there are runny noses to wipe

and  diapers to change

there are filled bins to empty

there are old dogs to walk

there are weak muscles to stretch

there are appointments to make

there are snacks to prepare

there are bills to pay

there are suppers to put on the table

there are mcdonalds to deliver

there are laundries to pick

there are kids to transport

there are forms to fill out

there are libraries to check in/out

there are more holiday outings ahead

and more mind erects to soothe etc.

last but not least,

there are pal-talkmeetings tonight

about this staggering liberation struggle stuff

and the 25000 or so prisoners back home!

in every house where m-o-r-t-g-a-g-e is a smoking lava!

Asafa Tefera Dibaba


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