the dream house

the dream house


late in life

a few of us

built or bought t/here

the dream house

(at any cost).

and some of us sit close to heat

some of us closer to fire.

the timbers

to build the house

and the architect

were not our choice.

the dream house:

it has a scented linen closet

for she and he

it has a built-in-kitchen pantry

it has multiple big hallways

it has window seats in upstairs hallways

it has too large bedrooms with bathrooms

each facing east and west

it has rose covered arbors

leading to the backyard

it has large acres of land used as yard

it has vines and trees and ferns and mosses

it has gardens of love and beauty

it has sweet aromatic fragrance

of birthdays and weddings

it has rooms beyond other rooms

waiting for footsteps that never come.

here only cool light south winds blow

here only all season hot springs and founts flow

in pebbles and bubbles, sods and sands.

every man and woman

cross this threshold

of the dream house

never sleep well—

to dream this roof

to call one’s own

to dream this floor

to call one’s own

now, when every man and woman

come back to the hearth of own spirit


the house dreamt

is not

the home ever built.

Asefa T. Dibaba

One thought on “the dream house

  1. Hudhoo Dungoo!

    Gidaada dhalannee baraanuu gidee himannaa
    Gidaa’uudha gadadoo obboleessa gaddaa
    Yaaddoo yaandoo gidee gadaoo
    Keenna achi hin siiqu baruu jabbima
    Hin aarru hin jaarru hin jarjarru
    Addi sabaa maa hin Finninee?
    Jennees hin gaafannu!
    Hanga gaafa baasnuu!

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