O- Speaks

The page aims to give Oromos an opportunity to speak out about their experience, dream, pain, suffer, and survival story as a means of bringing their issues to the consciousness of all.

Moreover, it’s also designed to give an opportunity to tell the world what they would like to see happen in their nation and country in the future.

Bid to revitalise African language
Leensaa Diinqaa speaks to Afaan
Iftu Kassim : a great young leader in the Oromo community in Melbourne
Iftu Kassim @oromedia

Iftu Kassim is the president of Melbourne Oromo Youth Association (MOYA), a young articulate, energetic and passionate girl who wants to preserve her culture and encourage others in her community and beyond to strive for their best and be united for what matters.Iftu illustrates well the new breed of leaders within the African-Australian community and in her interview with AMA’s Clyde S. Sharady, she talks about a recent event she organised for her group. A great video to watch.

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