This is the difference: no noise!

By Legesse G

If this alliance was formed between Abyssinian parties, there would be euphoric-breaking news every where accompanied with a lot of patriotic Amharic songs. If this kinds of alliance was formed between Abyssinian and non-abbyssian poltical forces, I don’t even imagine how social media could have been upside down by euphoric Abyssinian social media users.

PAFD_2015_2Now, five organizations, with solid and actual military bases on the ground, form alliance to “create a new political order in Ethiopia that will guarantee the genuine exercise of the right to self-determination to all nations and peoples in Ethiopia”.  Are we hearing any of those noises we were heard during the formation Arbegnoch-G-7 Front or during the formation of simple friendship betweenn General Galchu and G-7 leadership two years ago? I don’t think we are. The betrayal of Molla Asgedom is more news worthy than the formation of these kinds of alliances for Abyssinian political activists.

By the way this is the alliance between OLF and ONLF among others. Practically, Gambella People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM) alone has better army and organization than Ginbot -7 on the ground. (I did not forget they don’t have those noisy websites and ESATV  just do not give me this as an answer please) Just as an information the news reads “The five organizations represent more than 50% of the population in Ethiopia and are force to reckon with in the politics of the Horn of Africa.” Most probably this is much better sensible claim than most of outlandish-outrageous claims of Abyssinian political groups.

So why is silence then? It is sad to observe the fact that it is still Abyssinians who choose a news for the rest of us. If they keep quite, we keep quite too. If they don’t like it, most probably (if not all of us) we don’t like it too. If they jump, we will jump with them (like we did in the case of Molla Asgedom). Sadly, Abyssinian are still exercising very crucial power over all of us, they even make decision on the socio-political agenda we have to discuss or ignore.

It could be said more , but enough to conclude it here: this is the difference between Abyssinian and non-Abyssinian political groups in Ethiopian Empire. Liberation starts and ends here. If you set your agenda then you start to be free.

Source: Legesse A. Gurmu

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